Who doesn't want a smile on their face?  Okay, so there are a few - but they are the exception.

Making one another smile is one of lifes great pleasures.

It was armed with this attitude that I would think up the next clever (and potentially funny) comment as a higher priority over listening. This did me better when dating than it has in my marriage. In fact, it didn't do me much good when dating.

So here is my list of 5 ways to make your partner genuinely smile (without having to make bad jokes).

1 - Put their clothes on

In first place is slipping on a bra, or pair of well worn y-fronts.

My experience is a solid 100% smile success rate.

Wearing your partners clothes is something that should raise a smile - unless you do it too often!

However, if this leads to a break down in the relationship... please don't let me know.

2 - Serve food shaped like a face

I have a theory that we haven't actually grown up - and who doesn't remember fondly being presented with food in the shape of a smiling face.

3 - Paint a body part

Don't mention it, but when it the time comes for wherever is now "face painted" to be revealed. A smile will surely appear.

4 - A Cup of Tee

Yes, you guessed it - the whole reason for the article! The "grin and wear it" present that you can't help but smile about. When someone gets a Cup of Tee, pops the lid and looks inside it takes a really crotchety-cousin or frowny-friend not to raise a smile.

5 - Show them this post

Send a link to this post to your partner or loved one and tell me they didn't grin at least once!